Cookie law Informative

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to a user’s browser from a website's computers and stored on a user’s computer's hard drive when visiting the website. This file, which does not contain any executable code, stores information about that and the site is able to read them also when the user has left the website. Some of these cookies are necessary for the correct use of the site (without them users can have some browsing errors) and can store personal browsing settings to be used again at the next visits, others are useful for the company for monitoring and marketing activity.

Every website, visited through a browser, can set up one or more cookies. A webpage can contain objects from many domains and each of them can produce cookies (those are called "third party cookies")

The general provision of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (GU No. 126 of 3 June 2014) defines 2 types of cookies:

  • Cookies for basic operations: they allow the correct operation of the site.
  • Profiling cookies: they are used to track users navigation and preferences and are aimed to send advertising messages in line with the user's profile

    What types of Cookies does this site use?

    Igb S.r.l., on its website, uses the following cookies:

    Function Own by  What they do
    Operations Shopify Inc This type of cookie allows the correct operation of the site. They are stored by the browser. They can be deleted or disabled but this can hinder some functions and services of the website. Users can change the change cookies' settings, as described at the "Is it possible to browse this site while disabling cookies?" section of this policy.
    Analytics Third parties Google Analytics is a web analysis tool by Google that mainly allows you to gather information (such as, data on the pages visited, the time spent on the site, the way in which the site was reached and everything that the user has clicked while browsing our pages) anonymously and report website trends without identifying individual visitors. You can view the privacy policies of Google at the following link:
    Social Third parties We also use social plugins (Facebook, and the social login features of Facebook) that set third-party cookies for different purposes, including tracking visits, recognizing users, knowing their interests, improving the user experience, increasing the security, measure the use and effectiveness of various services and offer advertising.

    For how to disable third parties' cookies, please refer to the following paragraph.

    Is it possible to browse this site while disabling cookies?

    Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc..) are set to accept cookies. All browsers allow to manage and disable coockies through the browser settings.

    You can disable cookies by changing the browser settings through a very simple procedure. Be careful: when cookies are disabled, some parts of the site might not work or appear incomprehensible and this can hinder the services that we provide. You can disable the use of cookies on your PC or the ones related to a specific supplier through the selection tool on the site, or you can disable cookies through your browser settings. Below are the links to the official instructions to disable the cookies on the main browsers.