These General Sale Conditions govern the offer and the sale of the products of I.g.b. S.r.l. on the website any further legal information, please visit the sections: General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Right of Withdrawal. Before placing a purchase order, Customer shall read carefully these General Sale Conditions. The placing of a purchase order implies the complete acknowledge and the express acceptance of the above quoted General Sale Conditions as well as of the content of the Order Form. After completing the online purchase procedure, Customer shall print and keep these General Sale Conditions and the related Order Form, already acknowledged and accepted.

1. Object
1.1 These General Sale Conditions concern the online sale of products, provided by the e-commerce service of the website
With reference to the number of products offered, the website clearly describes their main features and prices (and any additional cost too).
1.2 The products sold online can be purchased and delivered only in the United States of America. Any order placed with delivery outside the U.S.A. will be automatically rejected during its processing.

2. Subjects
2.1 The products are sold directly by I.g.b. S.r.l. (Italian VAT No 02921590960 R.E.A. no. 1600524 [Repertorio Economico e Amministrativo, Economic and Administrative Register, translator’s note], with registered office in Milan (MI) at Via Pontaccio no. 14 and operative office in Viggiù (VA) at Via Varese no 115 (hereinafter called “Seller”).
For further information please contact I.g.b. S.r.l.
• by sending an e-mail at:;
• by telephone, no.: +39 0332.487372;
• by post at I.g.b. S.r.l. – Shop Child Resistant Cartons – Via Varese n. 115, 21059 Viggiù (VA), Italy.
2.2 These General Sale Conditions govern the offer, the place and the acceptance of orders for the purchase of products on do not govern the provision of services or the sale of products by subjects other than Seller, which are present on the website through links, banners or other hyperlinks. Before placing orders and purchase products and services from subjects other than Seller, please verify their sale conditions. Seller is not liable for the provision of services by third subjects.
2.3 The products are sold to the customers identified from the data included during the filling in and the sending of the electronical Order Form, upon contextual acceptance of these General Sale Conditions.
2.4 The products listed in the website are offered to companies, self-employed professionals and private subjects.
2.5 Customer cannot include false and/or invented and/or fantasy data during the online order procedure and in any subsequent communication. Seller reserves the right to take legal actions in case of infringements and misuses.
2.6 By accepting these General Sale Conditions, Customer exempts Seller from any liability for the issue of incorrect fiscal documents due to mistakes made by Customer during the placing of the online order. Customer is the only subject liable for the correct filling in of the Order Form.

3. Sale through an e-commerce service
3.1 The online sale contract is a distance contract for the sale of movable goods (hereinafter called “Products”) that is concluded by You, as Customer, and I.g.b. S.r.l. as Seller. This contract is based on an e-commerce service provided by Seller. For this purpose, Seller adopts a distance communication technology called Internet.

3.2 In order to conclude the contract for the purchase of one or more Products, Customer shall fill in the electronical Order Form (hereinafter called “Order”) and forward it to Seller through Internet and in accordance with any related instruction.
3.3 The Order includes:
• a reference to these General Sale Conditions;
• information and images of each single Product and its related price;
• the methods of payment available;
• the methods of delivery of the Products purchased and any related cost of delivery;
• a reference to the conditions provided for the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Customer;
• the conditions and the terms for returning the products purchased;
3.4 Although I.g.b. S.r.l. constantly adopts measures aimed at ensuring that the images shown on the website are true representations of the original products and uses any technological solution available to limit inaccuracies, variations are always possible. These variations are due to the technical features of the computer used by the Customer, as well as to the color resolution of the same device used. Therefore, Seller will not be liable for the inadequacy of the images of the products included in the website caused by the above-quoted technical reasons. Indeed, these images have only an illustrative function.
3.5 Before concluding the contract, Customer shall acknowledge the General Sale Conditions, the Informative note on the right of withdrawal and on personal data processing.
3.6 The contract is concluded when Seller receives through Internet your Order Form, upon control of the accuracy of any data included in the Customer’s Order.
3.7 Although English is the language available for the conclusion of the contract with Seller, the applicable law is the Italian one.
3.8 Once the contract is concluded, Seller will process the Customer’s Order.
3.9 PURCHASE OF PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS: If this service is expressly provided, Customer can personalize the product selected by affixing on the same a word, letters (Text), symbols or numbers, under his/her preferences.
It is not allowed to:
a) affix an offensive, pornographic, defamatory or blasphemous Text, which includes threats and messages of incitation to violence, or infringes the rights of third subjects – in particular, intellectual property rights, or includes registered marks of third parties;
b) affix a Text that represents or includes the name or the nickname of a famous/notorious/popular subject.

Seller reserves the right to reject any name, word or sentence described in one of the above-mentioned categories, or including an inadequate message under the same categories. Seller reserves this right of rejection for any reason and is obliged to give Customer no reasons. The Seller’s decision to reject the Text proposed by Customer will result in the cancellation of the Order.
By forwarding an Order for personalized Products, Customer agrees to:
• declare and guarantee that no names, words or sentences to be affixed on the personalized Product are included in the not-allowed categories;
• release and hold harmless Seller from any expense, cost, damage, loss and liability suffered by Seller and due to the use of names, words or sentences on the Customer’s personalized Product;
• grant Seller the global, irrevocable but not exclusive right to use, reproduce, disclose names, words or sentences sent by Customer in order to personalize and complete the related Order. This right has no royalties and is fully transferable to third parties.
Finally, please remember that although Seller reserves the right to reject the user’s personalization or design, Customer is the only subject liable for this personalization and Seller is not obliged to verify or refuse it.

4. Order fulfilment
4.1 By submitting the Order through Internet, Customer accepts unconditionally these General Sale Conditions and undertakes to observe them in any relation with Seller.
4.2 After the conclusion of the Contract, Seller will send Customer a Confirmation of the Order by e-mail, which summarizes the information already included in the Order and described in the paragraphs 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5.
4.3 However, before sending the Confirmation of the Order, Seller can ask Customer by e-mail or by telephone (if Customer gave a telephone number) further information on the same Order forwarded online.
4.4 Seller can decide not to fulfil the Customer’s purchase Order if it does not give sufficient solvency guarantees or if it is incomplete or incorrect or in case of unavailability of the products. In these cases, I.g.b. S.r.l. will inform Customer by e-mail and will communicate the non-conclusion of the contract and that Seller cannot fulfil the Order for the reasons specified therein. In this event, any amount previously committed on Customer’s mean of payment will be decommitted. Furthermore, despite all reasonable efforts, I.g.b. S.r.l. cannot exclude the possibility that a small number of products on the website has by mistake a price other than the real one. I.g.b. S.r.l. will control the accuracy of the prices of the products during the check of the Order and their delivery. If mistakes or other problems cause the price quoted on the website to be lower than the correct price of sale of a product, Seller will contact Customer to verify if he/she intends to purchase the product at its correct price anyway. If not, the Order cannot be accepted. If the correct price of a product is lower than the price quoted on the website, Seller will charge only the lower correct price and deliver the product.
4.5 If the products on the website are no more available or not on sale after the forwarding of an Order, Seller will communicate it promptly to Customer. In any case, Seller will communicate the non-availability of the products ordered within thirty [30] working days of the day after the forwarding of the same Order to Seller. In this event, any amount previously committed on the mean of payment of Customer will be decomitted.
4.6 Seller undertakes to deliver the products ordered to Customer within and no later than 30 days from the date the contract is entered into.
4.7 Any online sale promoted by Seller can include one or more products. Any order forwarded online must correspond to customers’ standard needs. This requirement regards both the number of products purchased with a single Order and more orders for the same product. This requirement also applies when every Order includes a number of products that corresponds to customers’ standard needs.
4.8 Seller reserves the right to reject orders forwarded by a Customer with whom there is an ongoing dispute and/or a complaint for a preceding Order. This right is analogously exercised in any other case in which I.g.b. S.r.l. considers Customer as eligible. The right to reject includes without limitation the event of previous infringements of contractual terms for online purchases on the website or it derives from other legitimate reasons, in particular when Customer is involved in any kind of fraudulent activities.

5. Sales prices
5.1 Unless otherwise indicated in writing, the prices of the Products and of any shipping expense quoted on the website and in the Order are VAT included. Prices are expressed in U.S. Dollars. The validity of the prices quoted always corresponds only to the indications on the website at the time of forwarding of the online Order. The prices of the Products and the shipping expenses can vary without prior notice. Customer shall verify the final price of sale before forwarding the related Order.
5.2 Products are delivered directly from Italy. Unless otherwise specified, the prices of the Products and the shipping costs indicated on the website and in the Order do not include expenses for customs duties, import charges and for any other related tax that cannot be previously calculated. If current U.S. regulations provide for import charges, any related additional cost will be clearly specified during the placing and the check of the Order.
5.3 Customer will bear these costs, which shall be paid directly at delivery of the Products in accordance with the indications defined in the confirmation of the Order.

6. Methods of payment
Customer can pay the prices of the Products and any related shipping and delivery cost in accordance with the methods quoted in the Order Form on the website and hereinafter summarized.
6.1 Credit cards and prepaid cards.
6.1.1 For orders forwarded online on the website Customers can pay with credit card or prepaid card, without any extra charge on the cost of the Product and of its shipment. It is understood that Customer must be the holder of a valid credit card at the time of the Order of the Products online purchased and that the name on the credit card must be the same quoted on any related invoicing document. In the absence of these conditions, it will not be possible to place the Order.
6.1.2 When purchasing online and confirming the Order, the related bank will commit only the amount quoted in the Order based on the availability on your credit card. This amount will be concretely charged on your credit card only at delivery of the products purchased.
6.1.3 After receipt of the Order and payment of the Products purchased online, Customer has the possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal for any reason. In this case, Seller shall charge the bank concerned with the crediting of the amount to be reimbursed. The amount will be credited directly on the credit card of Customer or on any other card used for the purchase.
6.2 Paypal
6.2.1 If Customer has a Paypal account, Seller will give the possibility to make payments by using directly the e-mail address and the related password of registration on

6.3 Sofort Bank transfer
6.3.1 Customer can pay the Order rapidly and safety by using the home banking service on the payment platform called Sofort. The related amount will be directly charged to Customer’s bank account.
6.4 At no time during the purchasing process, Seller will be able to know data on the Customer’s credit card (for example, the number of the credit card or its expiration date). Indeed, this kind of information will be transferred directly to the website of the subject managing the online payment (bank or a Paypal subject of reference) and the online connection is protected by an encrypted protocol. No computer database of the Seller will store these data.
6.5 In no event, Seller will be held liable for third parties’ fraudulent and undue use of credit cards and prepaid cards. The use of credit cards and prepaid cards is managed by third parties other than Seller and qualified therefor.

7. Shipping and delivery of the Products
7.1 Shipping includes:
• the product/s ordered;
• the related shipping document/invoice;
• any other document required on the basis of the country of consignment;
• any other informative and marketing note.
7.2 The delivery of the Products purchased on the website of the Seller may be carried out in different ways.
7.3 Delivery at Customer’s home
7.3.1 The Products purchased will be delivered by a carrier selected by Seller to the delivery address specified by Customer in the Order. The shipping is insured. Please visit the section “Shipping and Delivery” for any further information on costs, time and methods of shipment, as well as for the list of the Countries covered by this service.
7.3.2 At consignment of the products at home or at the address quoted, Customer must verify the integrity of any package received. In case of defects, Customer must highlight and note them accurately to the carrier and reject the same consignment. Otherwise, Customer will not be entitled to exercise any related right.

8. Right of withdrawal
8.1 Only if Customer is a Consumer (that is any natural person acting for purposes, which are outside his or her trade, business or profession), there will be possibility to exercise the right of withdrawal of the contract entered into with Seller, without penalties and without specifying any reason thereof. Customer must communicate it to Seller within fourteen (14) days as from the day in which Customer or a third subject appointed by Customer and other than the Carrier will acquire the physical possession of the goods. This deadline is met if Customer returns the products before the expiry of the 14 days above quoted. As provided for by current law, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised when the Products purchased have been personalized on explicit request during the Order entry.
8.2 In order to exercise the right of withdrawal Customer shall send an explicit statement of intent concerning the right of withdrawal to the e-mail address This statement shall be forwarded within fourteen (14) days as from the consignment of the Product.
8.3 The right of withdrawal provides the following conditions:
• the Products to be returned shall be intact and it is not possible to return only parts or components of the Products, even in case of kits;
• the Products to be returned shall not be previously used, got dirty or damaged and shall not suffer signs of use;
• the Products to be returned shall be wrapped as when they were delivered and consigned to you;
• the Products to be returned shall be sent with a single delivery to Seller. Seller reserves the right not to accept Product included in the same Order that are returned and delivered in different periods of time;
• the Products to be returned shall be given to the carrier within fourteen (14) days as from the date of consignment;
• in case of purchase of a specific package of Products, Seller gives the possibility to buy them at a lower price than the one normally charged for the individual purchase of each single product. In this event, the right of withdrawal can be exercised even with reference to single products purchased and to be returned and their price will be recalculated based on the price normally charged for the purchase of any single product. In other cases (for example, bundling, prize-giving operations, etc.), the right of withdrawal can be exercised only by returning all the Products purchased and any partial return will be excluded.
8.4 If the right of withdrawal complies with the above-quoted conditions (paragraph 8.3), Seller undertakes to reimburse Customer of any amount paid no later than 14 days as from the day in which Seller was informed about your intent to exercise the right of withdrawal. This right is exercised unless when Seller has already received the products or when you provide evidence to have already shipped them. Seller will adopt for the credit the same method of payment used by Customer for the original transaction, unless Customer does not require explicitly to Seller to use a different method of payment and Seller accepts it.
8.5 In case of withdrawal, the only costs charged to Customer will be the previous expenses for the shipment of the Order and of the Products purchased. Seller will reimburse any other expense, including shipping costs, to Customer at exercise of the right of withdrawal. Any additional cost arising from your own request to use different and more expensive shipping methods than the Seller’s standard delivery methods will not be reimbursed.
8.6 Seller undertakes to bear any shipping cost for the initial delivery of the Products only in case of damage during transport or of mistakes of the Seller in their delivery. Only in these events, Seller will also reimburse the amount that Customer paid for delivery expenses. Seller will charge an express carrier with the collection of the Product by the address specified by Customer.
8.7 In case of return of Products, Customer shall send a specific request for information at the e-mail address In this way Customer will not pay the shipping costs for the return of the Products purchased, because this payment will be made directly by Seller. With the exception of the provisions included in point 8.7 and of return of defective Products, Seller will withhold a lump sum from the reimbursement due to Customer. This lump sum corresponds to the amount previously incurred by Customer for the shipping and the delivery of the Products purchased to his/her address or for shipping costs normally provided for by the Country of delivery. Furthermore, at return of the Products purchased to the carrier appointed by Seller, Customer will be held harmless from any liability in case of loss or damage of the Products during transport.
8.8 If the right of withdrawal is exercised without respecting the conditions above quoted, Customer will be not entitled to receive any reimbursement of the amounts already paid to Seller. A notice of non-acceptance of the returned Products will be sent by e-mail. Within 10 days as from this notice, Customer can reply and opt for the return of the Products at his/her own expenses. In this case, Products will be consigned again to Customer in the state in which they were returned to Seller. Otherwise, Seller can retain the Products and the amounts already paid for their purchase.
8.9 The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in case of personalized products, expressly required by Customer during the forwarding of the Order.

9. Guarantee
9.1 Seller is liable for any defect of the Products offered on the website, as well as for the non-compliance of the Products with the items ordered under the Italian law.
9.2 The duration of the commercial guarantee is of one month as from the date of consignment of the Product, subject to the following conditions:
• the defect shall appear within 15 days from the date of consignment of the Product;
• Customer shall submit a formal claim concerning the defects of the Product within 10 days from the date in which the defects are discovered, except in case of conflicts with mandatory rules of law of the Country of habitual residence of Customer;
• Customer shall submit a request for the return of the Products by e-mail at
9.3 In particular, in case of non-compliance of the products, the Customer who concluded the contract as Consumer will have the right to require the free restoration of this compliance, by repairing or substituting the products concerned. As an alternative Customer can opt for the cancellation of the contract concerning the non-compliant Product and for the subsequent return of the price.
9.4 Seller will pay any expense incurred for the return of the defective Products.

10. Contacts
For any information the e-commerce team I.g.b. S.r.l. is at complete disposal of the Customer and can be contacted by e-mail at; by telephone: +39 0332.487372; by post at the following address: I.g.b. S.r.l. – Shop Child Resistant Cartons – Via Varese no. 115, 21059 Viggiù (VA), Italy.
Customer acknowledges, accepts and gives his/her consent to receive any communication, notice, certification, informative note, accounting and documentation regarding the operations carried out for the purchase of the Products by e-mail at the address indicated during registration. Customer will also have the possibility to download any informative note on a durable support, under the methods and within the limits provided for by the website.

11. Privacy
Customer can visit our section Privacy to receive information on how personal data are processed.

12. Applicable law, methods of resolution of disputes and jurisdiction
12.1 These General Sale Conditions are governed by the Italian law and will be interpreted thereunder, expect in case of other mandatory provisions prevailing in the Country of habitual residence of the Customer. Therefore, interpretation, performance and cancellation of the General Sale Conditions are exclusively governed by the Italian law (expect in case of other mandatory provisions prevailing in the Country of habitual residence of the Customer). Any dispute concerning and/or deriving from these Conditions shall be resolved exclusively by the Italian jurisdiction, as better described below. In particular, if Customer is a Consumer, any dispute shall be resolved under the related applicable law by the Court where Customer has his/her domicile or residence or by the Court selected by Consumer in case he/she took legal steps, or by the Court of Varese. If Customer acts in the context of his/her own entrepreneurial, trade, craft or professional activity, the parties mutually accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.
12.2 ONLINE PLATFORM FOR THE ALTERNATIVE RESOLUTIONS OF DISPUTES (Online Dispute Resolution). I.g.b. S.r.l. is always available to adopt alternative methods for the resolutions of any dispute. With regard to the direct contacts quoted in point 10), Customers are informed that under article 14 of the EU Regulation 524/2013 and in accordance with the Resolution on the Alternative methods of resolution of disputes provided for by the Statutory Instrument no. 500/2015, entered into force from 15th February 2016. The European Commission created an online platform for online dispute resolutions (ODR), based on the purchase of goods online and available at the following link:
On the platform ODR, Customer can consult the list of any ODR body, can find any related link and require a procedure of online dispute resolution. Further information on the platform are available at:

13. Amendments and updates
Seller can amend or modify these General Sale Conditions at any time. Therefore, Customer will be required to accept only the General Sale Conditions that are currently into force at the time of the related purchase. The new General Sale Conditions will be effective from the date of their publication on the website and will be applied to any purchase Order forwarded after the date of publication thereof.