Child Resistant Folding Box

Child-resistant Packaging

USA Certified 16 CFR § 1700.20: Safe for kids, Easy for Elders

Customizable Child Resistant Carton Boxes

Safe and Certified Packaging

Certified Child Resistant Packaging Production

We are delighted to present an easy and effective child-resistant packaging solution to help prevent intoxication in children. Our innovative certified CR carton looks like a regular box, but it has special child resistant features that make it unique.

 The box comes with a key: without the key, small kids cannot open it. If the key is lost, the child-resistant folding box can be easily opened by adults with everyday objects like a pen cap. Children under five simply are not able to do that.

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Certified Packaging for Medical Products

Certified Packaging for Medical Products

Available only in the US and Canada.

Minimum order quantity: 2000 pieces. You can buy a 4 pieces sample pack.

Two sizes available: inches 2.93x1.04x3.68 - mm 74,50x26,50x93,50 and inches 2.80x0.83x3.98 - mm 71x21x101.

Description: a ready-to-use cardboard folding box that comes with an attached key that unlocks it: difficult to open for children, easy for elders.

It relocks automatically when closed.

It is entirely made of a special tear-resistant cardboard.

Certified: Child Resistant certified for the US (16 CFR § 1700.20) and Europe (BS EN ISO 8317).

Custom printed: before you can check out, you will be asked to upload your artwork file.

Finishing: 4 color printed and coated with a water based varnish.

Delivery time: within 5 weeks after the payment is taken and the artwork is finalized.

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